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SMACO Swimming/Underwater Mask Snorkel Full Face Wide With Anti Fog Scuba Diving

SMACO Swimming/Underwater Mask Snorkel Full Face Wide With Anti Fog Scuba Diving

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180°FULL FACE DESIGN: Our snorkel mask provides 180º Panoramic view, making it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose while you are snorkeling. you will see more fish and an undersea world than ever before! With a detachable camera mount, you can easily connect your camera and capture the movement around you in hands-free high-definition.


Be made of hard PC, snorkel mask adult anti-fog is non-toxic and odorless; wrapped by soft and thick silicone, it protects your safety and won’t make your headache for a long time wearing; free breath and no need to hold a breathing tube in your mouth and clench your jaw the entire time.


SMACO Full-face snorkel mask allows users to breathe through the mouth or nose while snorkeling with no mouthpiece. With snorkel tube allow you to dive deeper. Separate inhaling and exhaling channels create an airflow away from your main viewing Vision that helps eliminate fogging and will keep you snorkeling longer.


A ball at the top of the tube will automatically seal the air valve to stop salt water from getting into your mouth and prevent gagging, Spend less time worrying about water in your mask and more time snorkeling.

How to choose the size?

Firstly, Measure the length from the Eye to Chin. If the length is less than 12 cm, Choose size S/M. (Suitable for The Junior and Adult Woman) If the length is equal to or over 12 cm, Choose size L/XL(Suitable for Adult Men)

Q: Does this diving mask have requirements for the water temperature of the environment in which it is used?

A: We suggest that the user is better wear the mask in Temperature 18~45'C water. It will be a little fog if the temperature is more Than 40'C, If the fog is severe, please make sure the mask is worn properly.

Q: Is there any age limit for users of this product?

A: Don't use it for the baby or kid less than 36 months, It will lead to choking.

Q: How deep can I dive with this diving mask?

A: Our snorkel mask is designed for surface snorkeling. This is for snorkeling only. Practice in the shallow beach or swimming pool

Q: Will it fog up when wearing it?

A: The anti-fogging principle of this diving mask is to create a good confined space through the good contact between the nose and the mask to achieve the anti-fogging effect. If you wear it, the area around your nose is close to the mask and has good airtightness, this type of mask can have some anti-fogging effects, and you can also wipe it with an anti-fog spray on the mask before use.


Clean mask with fresh water after use every time. Put the mask in warm freshwater for some minutes After sea snorkel to avoid corrosion. Avoid using soap or detergents to make visibility well. Keep dry after use. Don't place the mask under the sunlight directly. Don't use a towel to clean the face lens, glasses cloth Is better. Don't place the face lens touch the hard surface.

wearing method

Make sure the O'ring is on the groove of the mask Connection part. It will avoid leaking problems. Please adjust the elastic band well to avoid no leaking Especially the chin and forehead part.

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