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From Our Friends

“I have to share my experience with you. I am a newly certified diver. I went to Key Largo with friends; on my 9th dive I had a tank failure at about 25 ft. No air and my dive buddy was not paying attention to me. So I ditched weights, pulled out Smaco mini scuba tank and made an easy ascent to the surface. All my dive buddies plan on getting Smaco's prior to our next trip.”

——Russell A. Tallent

Start Scuba Diving For This Summer

S700 2L Scuba Tank

SMACO S700 Bottle can provide you with about 25 minutes of underwater running time. Its light and compact appearance will allow you to enjoy the sea freely.

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Safety Certification

Safe and Reliable

SMACO products have been thought, designed, manufactured and standardized to ensure maximum safety for the user.