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Made for portable diving on low depth and short time, Enjoy your free diving time.

It was established in 2012 to bring new meaning to life. SMACO believes that good products not only serve individuals but also serve families and society. We want to make sure that when you are in a relaxed time or in an emergency, we can solve your problem. You just need it, and we happen to be there.

I used the smaco mini tank to work on the main drain in the deep end of my pool. It was definitely a chore to hand pump but wasn’t that bad. If I was going to be using it a lot then I would just buy a electric pump. It did exactly what I needed it to do so I’m pleased with the product.


Me and my son are going to get into the hobby and you have no idea how much money you saved me cuz we're both beginners, enjoy our tanks, thank you very much.

Wilbur L. Roland

This 1L tanks works great with a compressor for scuba. We use the gear to check the anchor when anchoring out we also use it to check the hall under the water line. Or swimming around our boat or from the dinghy.