SMACO Mini Scuba Dive Tank

SMACO Mini Dive Tank is a SCAM?? Maybe you can look at here!!

Regarding SMACO's advertisement, we have seen comment that people say it is a scam. It may seem fake If clarified by SMACO, So maybe we can get the truth from the comments in this video, And come to know the SMACO mini dive tank correctly.

Here is a video from YouTube about a SMACO S300:


"I love how he endorses spare air, it’s essentially the same product just marketed differently. As a recreational diver with 300 dives under my belt I feel this would be an excellent way to go for some quick splashes in shallow water without getting out my full rig. Yes it is dangerous for an inexperienced diver, he talks about going too deep... they say 6-7m max and up to 10m. The ones I’ve seen on amazon say 6-7min at 3-4m. I bet there’s experienced free divers who could get more than 10 min out of it."
"If you dive deeper than 10m with a device meant for snorkling you must be kind of dumb, and for your second point, not exhaling while going up is a misstake only an untrained person would make, i wouldnt consider it a scam rather than a product that shouldnt be handed out to untrained people and it should be coming with warnings of what not to do"
"I wouldn’t really call that a scam, more like unsafe without caution. I’ve seen a few videos on products like these that say “up to 30ft.” There’s probably disclaimers if you actually buy this. It’s really no different than spare air. They’re both tanks with compressed air in them"
"I own 2 of these and they are NOT A SCAM its a exaduation using the pump i use a compressor but i put 2000 psi and it works fine i use these as a reserve tank and when i go in shallow area"
"i bought it. funny to use when only diving 2 meters below surface"
"how is this a scam iv used this and it works amazing"


For these comments,

I think there are many people have purchased or used our SMACO mini dive tank, a lot of what they said is exactly what SMACO wants to tell everyone. whether it is emergency rescue or underwater snorkeling entertainment, you need to pay attention to safety when using anything, just like you use a nail clipper to cut your nails, It can also get hurt if you are not careful。

SMACO will also remind everyone to pay attention to safety during use, and mention various warnings and precautions in the manual.

And thanks to every SMACO user, you are all team members of SMACO. Thanks to your support, we can make better. We actively collect opinions and suggestions from all aspects to better optimize our products and give every SMACO members provide the best service. From S300 - S400 - S500 and S700, everyone will witness the growth of SMACO, because you need us, so we exist, whenever and wherever.

If you read here, you may also comment below this blog and tell us how you feel about using SMACO or criticism suggestions, we will collect them in the first time so that we can improve.

Finally,SMACO thanks you all again in here!

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