Dad's Perfect Gift Guide - More Than Father's Day

Dad's Perfect Gift Guide - More Than Father's Day

Who always silently holds up the whole sky above the child?


Dad” — the most important man in our life. Father's Day is a profound recognition of the contributions and impacts dad made for us, celebrate your Dad day every year, express gratitude and let dad know how much he means to you!

The perfect dad gifts are on the way.Let's celebrate dad's love, professionalism, ingenuity, and father's experience. These gifts dad will use and proudly share during summer .


Outdoor Lover Dad

Taking adventures and challenges in nature have always been what dads love to do, and diving is the  "blue poison" that outdoor dads can't avoid, the pure blue underwater world makes them obsessed. Prepare a portable scuba tank for dad, either S300Plus 0.5L or S400 1L Mini Dive Tank, depending on dad's breathing rate and the ideal time of each dive. It makes it easier for dad to start a short underwater adventure with old friends in the pool, nearby lake! Even better if there is a father-son duo diving adventure! 

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Professional Sailor Dad

Dad has been working hard not only because he loves his job, but also because he wants to give you a stable good life. As you become more and more like your dad, you will understand this more. 

If dad is a professional sailor who often needs to do some hull inspection work or salvage items accidentally dropped underwater, it makes sense to have a gift like this for him, keep him safe, and make underwater work easier. That is S700 Scuba Tank, 2L capacity. It can give father 20-25 minutes of underwater breathing time, helps him complete his tasks safely and comfortably every time. With this gift from you, dad's job must be more handy.

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Airgun Player Dad

 Experienced airgun player, it looks like dad is cooler than you! It's definitely a good idea to give dad a gift to keep his precious airgun energized and become an indispensable piece of equipment in his gun cabinet. SMACO HEAP1 electric air compressor, with its excellent transformer setup, allows dad to quickly charge the airgun whenever he wants. Indoor 220V AC operation, 12V car DC for work in the suburbs, there is no need to worry about inflation for long-term outdoor activities, which will definitely make dad feel good!

Compact appearance, handle design to easily balance 22 pounds of self-weight, easy to carry. The huge bright orange lightning sticker on the body is suitable for dad's wild airgunner temperament. Look forward to dad's surprise expression when he opens the gift box.

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Are you ready to give Dad a perfect gift from SMACO this year? Tell us in comments!

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