Why do people turn pale at the mention of it?

Why do people turn pale at the mention of it?

Why do people turn pale at the mention of the mini scuba tank?

I browsed most of the posts and they all said:

"This is a tremendously bad idea. There are any number of ways to permanently injure yourself"
"Until your facing a pneumothorax or aspiration injury resulting in permanent disability because of lack of training and proper certification ! "
"Can you use it in a pool with out being killed?"
"That doesn't look safe to me"

And so on...

But actually this is funniest thing: Everyone is acting like they can't buy normal or even tech gear over the internet. This thing is a toy and only should be used at very shallow depths or just as spare air tank.

Think of the first jet boats and how they were banned as death traps but are everyday purchases now. Maybe in a few years these will be handed out at beaches for everyone to use smartly.

Read and follow the manual just like any product, even a coffee pot manual says "don't put hand in boiling water"!!

So always read the manual and follow the safety guidelines, as the same as everything else. This is no different that electric bikes, they can be fun or stupid dangerous if used outside its limits (and common sense).

SMACO was founded in 2012. We sell mini diving tanks all over the world. We are so happy to have a lot of customers support our products. That is the driving force for our work. Let's listen to their opinions.

"I get upset that professional divers, bash on this kits, giving fear to people. When for shallow diving thei are awesome. "

“I use the s300 the 0.5 L tank as a emergency tank wile I scuba and it works great”

"I have one and it’s a bit of hard job to pump it up but then it’s really fun and easy to use also I use it for cleaning my boat and it’s great"

"When they first came out, I got them (0.5l version) for myself and the kids (we are all trained/certified scuba divers, with over logged 500 dives), so knew that it was only for a bit of fun, marginally beyond the range of normal snorkelling on the days you're not able to go on 'serious' diving trips. 

It works, it's portable, and it takes forever to pump them up! I've also bought a small electric mini-compressor now too so we can fill them easily, making them even more usable for us in the local clear lakes or in the sea when vis is good between tides, here in the UK. So altogether just a bit of fun! Nothing more. Nothing less!

Ideal for every yacht owner, and anyone who likes watching wildlife who lives by the sea or a lake, to treat as a handful of extra breathes, and not to rely on as a dependable long lasting air source, given that they only last for a 5-10 minutes before the breathing gets harder and harder, and the air runs out. Common sense may not be so common, so only get them if it's really suitable for what you intend to use them for, and remember, inflating them with the pump by hand is like a pretty severe workout for anyone!!!

Is it a toy or is it a tool? You decide, but it can give you a chance to have a few extra breathes underwater more than just by swimming/snorkelling. If that will help, then maybe worth considering.

These units are for fun only! Always best to learn how to scuba dive properly through qualified instruction, learn about scuba equipment, and learn about the limitations of all equipment, including these, and the human body. "

"So why professional 80 cu feet tanks divers always bash on these little tanks. Bringing fear to people. Its common sense that these tanks are made for shallooooooow DIVIIIIIIING. Not to exceed 10 meters at most.

I have been using Smaco 1 liter tank and i have not encountered problems. I am not a Padi certified,, but i am not a dumbass either. I have educated myself when it comes to the Boyle's law. And how depth stages affects the air availability.

If people read the manufacture instructions and respect the dive common rules. A safe ( Shallow) Dive can be accomplished. Knowing to train for a good, controlled breathing..Equalize your ears. Not holding your breath and not to asscend faster than the bubbIes.

I can also Dive with 2 1liter tanks with their own regulators, and ejoy a 25 mins Dive. Again.. at a safe depth. Enjoying fish, picking up trash, looking at reefs. And always monitoring the are gauge. Making the ascend at the proper Psi reading.

The Smaco 1 liter, are light enough, that even 3 tanks can be carried. Just design body clips that hold the 2nd stage, and easy to snap on and off, when needed. 2 tanks to dive, 1 tank to ascend.

I get about 17 mins per tank. At safe deph, that will not affect the air in the tank. Being 10- 15 ft is enough for me. Plus i dont need to spend money on a dive shop. I have a small compressor with an air filtration system. Which removes oil, water and also cleans the air, before going into the tank. 

So far i have not encountered issues. On either operation and health. Is matter of educating yourself before getting into it. Skidiving is worst, and can be safely too. Is matter of inspecting the equipment throughly, before repacking. And do it right."

As stated, these tanks aren't mean't to replace high capacity scuba gear, but are ideal for giving you some portable air for giving you time to scrape barnacles off the bottom of a boat, or to help free up a trapped anchor. Fun in the pool, or in the shallows where you want to have a few breathes under water.


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