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SMACO Journey

SMACO Philosophy

SMACO is committed to bring happiness to every one, every family and every organization, so that people could close to nature, feel life, create happiness! 

"SMACO" is:

"S" Safe=Safety
"M" Made=Made
"A" Absorbed=Focus
"C" Culture=Culture
"O" Outdoors=Outdoors

Nature is an inexhaustible source of happiness. We come from nature and will return to it. SMACO believes in the power of nature, encourages and helps more people to get close to nature freely, feel life and ultimately create their own happy inspiration.

SMACO Growth History

In 2013, Company of SMACO incorporated.

In 2015, SMACO brand was established, this year the company began to develop, produce and sell the first full face type full dry snorkeling mask.

In 2017The second snorkeling mask marketed, synchronous development of underwater breathing apparatus, this year the company sales exceeded 10 million. This provides money for SMACO's subsequent investment in R&D, so SMACO invested in a factory and established a subsidiary company "SMACO Sports Goods Co".

In 2018The SMACO's second generation of single inlet-outlet system full face mask was launched, and at the same time obtained the patent of China, USA, EU, Australia and other countries, which contains invention, utility model, appearance patents.

At this time, SMACO has obtained more than 20 relevant patents.

And In 2018The first underwater mini scuba tank—S300 was successfully tested in June and put into the market in August of that year to achieve good market feedback.

In 2019New scuba tanks: S400/S400Plus 1 L scuba tank , S300Plus 0.5 L mini scuba tank and S500 0.7 L scuba tank are launched one after another, becoming the industry leader. By the end of the year, SMACO has obtained more than 60 patents for related products.
The sales exceeded 50 million for the first time.

In 2020 and 2021S400PRO 1 L scuba tank, S700 2 L scuba tank, Heap 1 High-pressure 4500psi electric air compressor, underwater thrusters, underwater robots, underwater breathing apparatus will be launched one after another.
The sales exceeded 60 million for the first time.

So far, SMACO still adheres to the customer-centric, rapidly responses to customer needs, continues to create long-term value for customers, insists on providing customers with effective and convenient service!

SMACO does not have any scarce resources to rely on, the only way to win trust and respect is to keep fighting. In the future SMACO will continue to progress, improve ourselves and strive to create value for society.

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