Get Your Mini Scuba Pony Bottle

Get Your Mini Scuba Pony Bottle

Are you a beginner or a professional diver? A diving teaching club? Or other places that provide recreational diving, etc. If you are,then the pony bottle is very necessary.

The mini scuba tank is easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to maintain. It is very suitable for a walk-and-go trip. Convenient for those who want to dive for a short time.They are also often appear in the beach rescue team.

The worst part of diving is how cost prohibitive it is to get started. But pony bottle solved this problem very well, and suitable for beginners to practice, and also suitable for professional divers as a backup gas source, Or perform short-term hull repairs underwater, emergency underwater rescue...without No expensive equipment costs and maintenance costs.

Best Pony Bottles

SMACO is a brand that is very popular all over the world, especially in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc., and it is used by both recreational and professional divers alike. The tank use the standard 6061 aluminum alloy, called the L6X. This is very reliable and safe.


Spare Air Tank

You never know what might go wrong during a dive, so you should always prepare for the worst. It is never a bad idea to prepare a back-up device for any major piece of scuba equipment, and having a pony bottle as an emergency oxygen tank is critical. This is especially true if you go on deep dives as opposed to recreational diving.

Spearfishing is really like diving solo...even if a partner is with you he isn't that close if things go bad. Having some form of redundancy physically on you during a dive is good idea. 

In case an accident happens to you or something else, such as an unexpected tank failure, a redundant air source could be life-saving in such a catastrophic event. Pony bottles are miniature scuba tanks that only provide enough air to make a safe ascent back to the surface,or just a short recreational dive. They are not intended to replace a full-sized scuba tank.

SMACO is one of the top suppliers of small gas cylinders, and this will become obvious once you have the opportunity to use our products. At present, the scuba tank has different capacities of 0.5L/0.7L/1L and 2L,

Since these tanks are very small, they add minimal additional weight to your scuba setup. In our opinion, adding extra weight is to give you peace of mind and provide extra oxygen in an emergency. The cost is negligible.

For the pony bottle, people has mixed reviews, but in terms of the information that customers feedback to us, the pony bottle is worth having! ! Recreational diving, it's convenient, Emergency, it can save lives!

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