Why Do You Love Diving?

Why Do You Love Diving?

There is a quote in the book of PADI open water:
"When you enter the underwater world, you will experience a new feeling immediately, whatever you see, hear and touch is very different from land, and that's what makes diving so different."


Not having heard yourself breathe.
How to prove that you are still alive?
The first time I dived underwater, I heard the sound of my breathing.
Seeing the bubble of breathing getting bigger and bigger from the bottom to the top.
It was the first time I really felt life up close and personal.
For the first time, I felt.
Oh, I am alive like this.

I saw the underwater world for the first time,
I'm dumbfounded,
I saw little fish passing by,
As if I was in a tropical fish tank,
So unreal, as if in a dream.

Since an experience dive, it has been like poisoned.
I decided that I must get an OW certificate.
This way I can enjoy everything under the sea more freely.
I bought a ticket, found a dive store, booked a course.
Theory classes, pools, open water.
That's how I became a scuba diver.

A peaceful world away from the Internet

Life during diving is very simple. Eating, sleeping, diving, talking about diving.
I woke up and went into the water. After I got out of the water, I exchanged what I saw. Everyone was happy and joked with each other. I have never seen anyone who is unhappy or serious when diving, but seeing fish is happier than finding a treasure.


When you look at everything underwater, you are isolated from the air, sound, temperature, and wind on the water surface. You hear your breathing and the sound of bubbles, and you hear some very subtle sounds, and you feel the water surrounding your body. Feel the change in water temperature.I enjoyed these feelings that I could not experience on land.

Just like traveling, some people love to visit scenic spots and take pictures, some people just like the feeling of being on the road, and different people like to see different things. What I love is the abundance of the ocean, the endless changes in the ocean, the same dive site, every dive experience is different.

In the world of the ocean, each creature has its own secret of survival, its own natural enemies and friends, some can change color, some escape quickly, some good at killing, and these skills I do not have, how can not worship?


So how did you start diving and fall in love with it?

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