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Before we start, maybe we can take a look back at SMACO's past.


SMACO gave birth to the 0.5L S300 and S300P, the 1L S400/S400Plus and S400Pro, the 0.7L S500 series, upgraded and optimized step by step until now.

We incorporate feedback from customers around the world to meet the needs:"I want to enjoy underwater world longer, so I usually take 2 1L bottles with me, so maybe you could have 2L scuba bottles? "   

So, the upgraded S700 series, 2L capacity scuba bottle is coming. SMACO has always insisted that we are not only selling products, but also selling services, serving customers and society.

This is also the philosophy that Michael, the founder of SMACO, has always advocated.

About S700 bottles

The SMACO S700 comes with a unique diving vest that can be adjusted to your needs. You can easily carry diving tank and free your hands to do more things underwater.

This time, in order to solve the pain of not being able to inflate in the dive shop, we have DOT certified for our diving bottles. You can solve the inflation problem of the diving bottle more freely according to your own needs.

We also have an aluminum hard case, diving bottles and vest can all be placed in the aluminum hard case. Better for everyone to carry.


You can go directly to the dive shop to inflate. Or, you can use 8mm SMACO refill adapters,large bottles guide vials, usually filling a 2 liter diving tank in 16 seconds.

If you have a high-pressure electric pump at home (The pressure of electric pump must be higher than 3000PSI/200Bar/20MPA), it is convenient for you to inflate the diving bottle. 


It"s also the best choice for travel,easy to carry,and can be transported by Airplane. You can take it and travel to the island. Compared with the traditional diving tank, this tank is easier to operate and more suitable for beginners to learn.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and get yours with $20 OFF(Discount Code: SMACO20)!  SMACO S700!

Kommentare (2)

  • Craig Macfarlane an Jan 11, 2022

    Just bought a S700 kit and I think it’s great! I can easily carry it on my kayak and I get 20-30 mins of shallow diving/snorkelling from it, which is about what I’m looking for. I have one criticism though. The second stage regulator has quite a lot of breathing resistance – similar to a cheap octopus reg (I guess that’s what it is). There is an adjustment screw on the inlet of the mouthpiece but it doesn’t really make any difference (the two options are tight to breath or freeflow). It’s annoying me enough that I’m going to try putting a second stage from one fo my other scuba regulators on it. Otherwise, no complaints!

  • Torsten Pasch an Okt 08, 2021

    I want one keep me informed please.

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