About us

About us

SMACO believes that good products not only serve individuals but also serve families and society. We want to make sure that when you are in relaxed or in an emergency, we can solve your problem. You just need it, and we happen to be there.

The mission of SMACO

Let people Feel nature, Feel life, Get More happiness.

About us

SMACO is an industrial and trade enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.It is committed to the research and development of fire rescue equipment and outdoor sports products. It is the pioneer of emergency rescue and recreational underwater diving equipment.

Now, SMACO has multiple departments such as product research, production, and sales, has a sales network in more than 40 countries around the world. The company's own brand SMACO has been deployed around the world and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

SMACO's current main products include: snorkeling equipment, life-saving bracelets, diving equipment, underwater propellers, underwater robots, diving flashlights, snorkeling dry masks, mask snorkels, sun protection suits, life jackets, fins, ski goggles, etc. Products are widely used in firefighting and water rescue, life and leisure travel, underwater scientific investigation and detection, personal safety protection, etc.

SMACO has always been adhering to the service tenet of being close to nature, feeling life, and creating happiness, and continues to provide customers with safe and quality products and services. 



Whatsapp:+86 18397300278

Address: No.1, Jianghao Industrial Factory, No.430 Jihua Road, Gangtou Community, Bantian

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