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SMACO Diving Snorkel Mask Full Face Scuba 180° View Snorkeling

$35.82 $45.98


* No More Pressure On Your Eyes Unlike Conventional Goggles
* Breath Normally Through The Nose And/Or Mouth Underwater
* An Exclusive Air Circulation Concept That Prevents The Formation Of Fog To Enjoy Longer
* Panoramic Field Of Vision, 180° Effect For A Clear View And Exclusive Experience
* Reduce Jaw Fatigue To Snorkel Longer


Whether You Are A First-Timer Or A Seasoned Snorkeler, Swimmer, You Should Seriously Consider Using A Snorkel, Swim Full Face Mask. And This Is True For Mainly these Reasons:


SMACO Full Face Snorkel Mask with UV Protection Gives You A Different Experience

True Panoramic View: Shatterproof window with 180° wide viewing, allowing you to enjoy a lot more of the sights without turning your head.

Breath Smoothly: Full-face snorkeling mask for you to breathe naturally through the nose and mouth;

Anti-fog: Separate inhaling and exhaling channels which “reroutes” airflow away from your field of view, preventing the lens from fogging;

Dry Top Technology: It is equipped with the double floating ball which will seal the top of the snorkel when submerged, prevents saltwater from getting into the breathing tube;

Drain Valve: Drain away the water by raising your head up when water leaking;

Sports Cam Mount: Fits for GoPro and other sports cams.

Flexible Fabric Headband: Easy to wear and prevents hair from twining.

8.8inch Longer Snorkel Tube: This allows you to dive deeper than other snorkels, see more beautiful creatures underwater.


Choose The Right Size:

Close your mouth and measure the distance between the trough at the top of your nose and the bottom of your chin:

If it measures less than 3.9in (10cm), choose size XS

If it measures more than 3.9 into 4.7in(10-12cm), choose size S/M

If it measures more than 4.7in (12cm), choose size L/XL


What will you get?

1 x  SMACO Full Face Snorkel Mask

1 x  Packing Bag for Your Mask

1 x  Removable Camera Mount Piece

1 x  User Manual

Kind Reminder: Snorkel masks are not suitable for free diving. Please read the instruction manual carefully!

SMACO Diving Snorkel Mask Full Face Scuba 180° View Snorkeling

$35.82 $45.98