2021 SMACO S400Pro Mini Scuba Tank Scuba Diving Equipment

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S400 pro mini scuba tank uses an extension tube to connect to the pressure gauge, which is more convenient for us to check the pressure gauge when diving. At the same time, our original portable messenger bag has been changed to a portable waist pack bag. You can easily carry it and free your hands to do more things underwater.


SMACO S400 diving gear adopts a constant pressure air outlet device to make the air outlet pressure constant, making breathing very easy. At the same time, an external explosion-proof valve design is adopted, which makes the explosion-proof index more accurate and safer to use.


SAMCO diving tank has a capacity of 1L and can be used for 340 underwater breaths at full capacity. It can be used for 15-20 minutes of diving time(Specifically, Is different for each person).


The entire body made of aerospace aluminum alloys better resists internal corrosion and stands up well to damage. Smaco cylinders are relatively small, yet very strong containers that hold large volumes of compressed gas. Make sure you get prepared on your next dive with one of our air tanks made from high-strength aluminum alloys.

Product Information

Material: 6061 aviation aluminum
Maximum pressure: 3000PSI/200Bar/20MPA
Medium pressure pipe interface model: 3/8-24UNF
Bottle body interface spec: M18*1.5
Scope of application: fishermen, professional divers, novice divers, amateur divers, lifeguards, etc.

mini scuba tank feature

Smaco oxygen cylinder has a refillable design that helps you save time and trouble to fill your tank. Smaco scuba tank is designed for diving, it needs to be filled with high-pressure air, bike pump is obvious no help. Smaco cylinder endows with a pressure gauge, so tank pressure can be easily read We provide the product installation video on the product detail page, please follow the steps when installing.