SMACO S400 Mini Scuba Tank Set with 16 Minutes Capability

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The diving tank has a capacity of 1L and can be used for 340 underwater breaths at full capacity. It can be used for 15-20 minutes of diving time. The weight of the product is 5.07 pounds, with a portable bag, you can easily carry it and free your hands to do more things underwater.


You can use any type of manual pump to inflate the scuba tank at any time, and you can inflate it with a high-pressure inflator. In addition, if you have an electric air pump at home, it will leave you more time and money.


The entire body made of aerospace aluminum alloys better resists internal corrosion and stands up well to damage. Smaco cylinders are relatively small, yet very strong containers that hold large volumes of compressed gas. Make sure you get prepared on your next dive with one of our air tanks made from high-strength aluminum alloys.


SMACO scuba tanks use a specific refillable design to avoid taking the device apart to fill your tank. Besides, it is equipped with a real-time pressure gauge for a diver to know the rest of dive time easily, even a novice diving can use it safely.

Reliable portable diving product, easy for beginners to use

New generation SRCPEG performance is better

An unprecedented experience

Carry Around

Lightweight and easy to carry you can take the plane to go abroad to play


Through multiple inflation methods, it can be recycled and inflated High hand pump Manually pump up to 600-800, fill up in about 10 minutes Refill adapter Large bottles guide vials the fastest and most convenient, fill up in about 8 seconds Electronic pump Plug and play fill in about 5-8 minutes

Underwater breathing artifact


1. The constant pressure gas outlet device can constant the gas outlet pressure, and at the same time reduce the high-pressure gas in the bottle through the constant pressure device to achieve the function of balancing gas 2. Through the integrated release valve output, there is no need to adjust the sensitivity (because the gas in the release valve cavity is decompressed by the constant pressure device, there is no high-pressure resistance, and the force is used when breathing will become very easy).


The integrated release valve has high accuracy and strong stability, and the replacement operation is very convenient.

Micron filtration

Three layers of filtration can effectively protect the valve core, and at the same time can effectively organize dust and impurities to be inhaled

Breathing head process

1. Hard oxidation: light scratches are touched by hand, immediately restore the original appearance, salt spray test for more than 300 hours, long service life and safer. 2. All products shipped from the factory have undergone low-pressure, medium-pressure, high-pressure, and three tests to ensure product stability

Bottle material

6061 aviation aluminum material is used, the surface adopts spray coating technology, high-pressure gas storage, durable and seawater corrosion resistance.

More delicate details

High-precision instrument underwater fluorescent display Breathing mouthpiece Ergonomic design, comfortable to use and not easy to fall Pressure relief valve Press and hold moderately for easy pressure relief

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