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BREATHE EASY, EXPLORE FREELY. Please identify the SMACO Portable Mini Scuba Tank.

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Early Summer Sale Promotion—SMACO S300 0.5 L Mini Scuba Diving Tank

$159.99 $229.99

Mini Scuba Cylinder: breath simply and differently underwater!

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This 0.5-liter mini diving bottle allows you to breathe underwater for 5 to 10 minutes.
Perfect if:

  • Do you need to dive underwater for a few minutes? This mini scuba diving tank is the solution.
  • For the owner who needs to unanchor or inspect the hull.
  • If you are a snorkeling lover, a fun explorer of the underwater world, you will get a kind of enjoyment!
  • If you are an experienced diver, if you misjudge your level or worse an air failure, this mini diving bottle will be used as a spare tank!

SMACO S300 is a 0.5liter mini scuba tank that you can fill by yourself, and allows you to breathe up to 5-10 minutes! It is suitable for every professional diver or beginner. Diving for a few minutes becomes a different experience.

  • Lightweight practicality
  • Quick oxygen charging
  • Fitted with gauge meters
  • Added comfort with silicone mouthpieces
  • Air reserve in case of fire emergencies

Early Summer Sale Promotion—SMACO S300 0.5 L Mini Scuba Diving Tank

$159.99 $229.99